About Us

Christopher Allan, the inventor of the Slipstick Foot, came up with the idea because of the situation at his home. He had tiled floors and a three-piece Sofa suite, made up of two double-seat sections and one corner section. They needed to remain in a particular arrangement but kept sliding apart because of the feet on the furniture. In October 1998, still unable to find a solution to this problem, Chris developed an innovative design. He realised that the furniture industry was lacking an effective system to prevent unwanted movement of furniture pieces on hard floors so he simply invented his own.

The solution to the problem is the “Slipstick Foot” – a unique foot that is easily attached to the legs or base of most furniture pieces. It comprises a hard plastic disc with an inset o-ring that prevents furniture moving on any flat surface. However, when on a 20-degree angle, the o-ring loses contact with the floor and allows the piece to slide easily into any desired position. Simultaneously, protection is provided as the furniture is prevented from scratching the floor surface below.

With current employer Bob De Haan, the owner of AMH Tooling, Chris’s concept became a reality. With more than 40 years experience in specialist tool making and design on unique moulding applications, they were able to develop a cost effective method of manufacture.

Research into current flooring trends revealed that Hardwood, Laminate, and Ceramic tile flooring are popular choices. These are all surfaces that also cause furniture to slide or, if fitted with no-slip devices, make it difficult to move when so desired. Clearly the Slipstick Foot eliminates these problems.

In keeping with furniture industry requirements, the Slipstick Foot has been produced in Caramel and Chocolate colours to complement contemporary and traditional styles of timber, veneer and leather finishes. There are eleven sizes in the Slipstick range, including varying diameters, a riser foot, leg coaster, castor cups and recliner feet.

C&B Manufacturing is currently filling national and international orders for the Slipstick Foot while continuing to further develop the range with ongoing design. Also being considered is fitting the foot to furniture prior to retailing.

The Slipstick Foot is the only furniture addition of its kind, providing customers with an effective way to protect their floors and to control the movement of their furniture.