Slipstick Rubber Castor Wheels CB681

Are ideal for Chairs, Tables, Racks & More




  • 8mm (5/16″) dia. x 38mm (1-1/2″) long Tempered Steel Stem with 9.5mm (3/8) Grip Neck Sleeve.
  • High Impact Black Polypropylene Dust Cover
  • 50mm (2″) Specially Formulated Rubber Wheel
  • Rated to 30kg (66lb) per Castor Wheel



  • 38mm (1-1/2″) square Top Plate with screws0SSF091401CB681_ImageSet_Assemble_Web
  • 4 Premium Castor Wheels
  • Glides Quietly
  • Cleans Easily
  • Please note: Wheels should be checked and cleaned periodically.




0SSF091401CB681_ImageSet_Contents_R1Ideas of where they could go

 0SSF091401CB681_ImageSet_Chair 0SSF091401CB681_ImageSet_Trolley 0SSF091401CB681_ImageSet_Wooden-Crib 0SSF091401CB681_ImageSet_Wooden-Trolley