Slipstick Large Recliner Feet CB380

The Patented Large Recliner Foot is designed to clip onto a variety of recliner feet. It contains an O’ring specially formulated to PROTECT hard floor surfaces and stop furniture from moving.


Ideal For:

  • Wyn Pro Recliner mechanisms
  • 31mm (1-3/13″) diam. recliner feet
  • 38mm (1-1/2″) diam. recliner feet
  • hardwood floors
  • laminated floors
  • tiles
  • parquet
  • slate



CAUTION: Indentations may occur in Cushion Vinyl and Soft Wood floors.


Slipstick feet are backed by a 5-year Free Replacement Warranty (Commercial Warranty 1-year). Any Slipstick product that fails due to premature wear, faulty materials or manufacture defect will be replaced free of charge.

Showing the 38mm 1-3/16″ recliner foot





Showing the 31mm 1-1/2″ recliner foot