Slipstick Grippers CB822-CB827

The Patented 82mm (3-1/4″) contains an O’ring specially formulated to PROTECT floors & resist sliding. Plus, when you Tilt n Slide¬©, it moves without damaging your floor.



Ideal For:

  • 82mm to 120mm (3-1/4″ to 4-3/4″) diameter legs
  • hardwood floors
  • laminated floors
  • tiles
  • parquetry
  • slate


CAUTION: Indentations may occur in Cushion Vinyl and Soft Wood floors.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Remove pre-existing feet if necessary.
  2. Place foot in required position and mark screw holes
  3. Drill hole in required position.
  4. Use supplied screw to attach foot.
  5. Repeat operation for all feet.





Tilt n Slide

For ease of maneuverability tilt furniture beyond 20 degrees to Slide.

Allow to sit flat for slip resistance.